Case Studies

Ice-Making Factory,

The reverse osmosis plant that C&S Water Treatment Ltd recommended now enables site to manufacture ice more efficiently with regards to quality and cost. Their existing set up involves using 30m3/hr of treated water through reverse osmosis to be used for production whilst the remaining 15m3/hr goes to drain. Our proposals involved taking this 15m3/hr reject water and passing it through another stage of reverse osmosis resulting in a reduction of effluent by 50% and also utilising a further 7.5m3/hr of water in production. The CAPEX costs are around £100K with a payback of around 12 months. The profit thereafter is around £75k per annum after extra operational costs.

Steam-Raising Boiler,

The factory had a water softener installed on the supply to the steam boiler system. The TDS of the feed water was at 500ppm which meant the blowdown rate was 15% leading to energy and water wastage. C&S recommended the installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant to decrease the blowdown rate of the steam boiler. Once the RO plant had been installed it reduced the blowdown rate by 90% which led to significant cost savings in relation to water and energy. The pay back after installing the RO plant was only 12 months.