Closed Systems

C&S Water Treatment Ltd provide and number of services for closed water systems focusing on maintaining the performance by minimising the risk from scale and corrosion.

There are a variety of closed systems, such as chilled water and heating systems that are vital in the safe and efficient operation of certain manufacturing processes, and are present in institutional and commercial properties.

Closed systems are designed to distribute heated or chilled water throughout a building or a process. These systems are susceptible to corrosion, microbiological growth, and sludge formation. The systems susceptibility is based on a number of factors including temperature, pH, dissolved gases and solids, suspended solids and chemical inhibitor levels.

C&S Water Treatment Ltd can tailor a programme which includes chemicals and services to optimise protection and operation of all types of closed systems, including those containing aluminium. All closed system water treatment programmes follow the guidance provided in BSRIA guidance BG50/2021.

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