Evaporating Cooling Systems

C&S Water Treatment Ltd provide effective and compliant cooling water treatment that is vital to minimising the risk associated with evaporative cooling systems, such as cooling towers.

Evaporative cooling systems work by evaporating a small amount of the recirculating water. This process removes heat from the remaining water allowing it to be re-used back in the process for cooling purposes. Any impurities present will remain in the recirculating water and will concentrate up overtime to unacceptable levels. Other matter such as dust and dirt may also be introduced into to the system, making the problem worse. If these impurities and contaminants are not effectively controlled, they can cause issues such as scaling, corrosion and sludge accumulation which reduces heat transfer efficiency, therefore increasing operational costs.

The system is also a perfect breeding ground for many microorganisms such as legionella bacteria, highlighting the requirement for a robust and bespoke water treatment management plan. All owners and users of evaporative cooling systems should take the necessary steps to prevent the risk of a legionella outbreak, therefore protecting the health and safety of employees and the general public.

Maintaining good water quality is essential to the safe and efficient operation of evaporative cooling systems and C&S Water Treatment Ltd can assist in making sure this is delivered. All water treatment management plans are devised with the assistance of HSG274: Part 1 and all our team are trained to City and Guilds standard.

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