C&S Water Treatment Ltd offer a range of water treatment and Legionella training courses to our national client base.

Legionella Awareness

The ACOP – L8 guidelines require that those appointed to carry out the control scheme should be suitably informed, instructed and trained to a standard which ensures tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner. The level of training required depends on the level of responsibility taken on by the person appointed on site to carry out the tasks. Because of this C&S Water Treatment Ltd can offer basic legionella awareness training that can be carried out in a presentation format to more in-depth practical training carried out on the client’s site.

Water Treatment

C&S Water Treatment Ltd can offer bespoke on-site practical training for engineering staff that are responsible for the daily – weekly management of evaporative cooling systems or steam boilers. The course content is designed to provide practical advice and support on water chemistry, water sampling and analysis procedures, and chemical dosing.
C&S Water Treatment Ltd also offer e-learning courses in Legionella Awareness and many other areas of Health & Safety.

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