Steam Boiler Water Treatment

We provide a wide range of steam boiler water treatment programmes for all boiler types and pressures across a large portfolio of clients.

The aim of a steam boiler water treatment programme is to protect the plant and equipment and ensure operational efficiency is not affected.

The system can become contaminated by substances found in the make-up water which can significantly reduce the efficiency of the boiler and other associated equipment leading to increased maintenance costs and reduced production capacity. As the steam is produced and is used within a specific process the water left behind in the boiler concentrates up due to the contaminants and impurities left in the boiler. If not treated appropriately this will damage the boiler.

The aim of boiler water treatment is the prevention of water related problems in steam generating systems and associated equipment, including corrosion; deposit formation; and carry over.

In order to avoid this, it is vital to implement a robust water treatment management plan, which normally requires the installation of a pre-treatment plant such as a base exchange softener or reverse osmosis plant. This removes hardness and other minerals from the feed water ensuring the boiler runs in a safe and efficient manner.

Once pre-treatment has been implemented it is then important to accurately dose the system with chemicals such as sulphite and caustic for corrosion control and phosphate or dispersant for scale/sludge control. It is also important to control the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) by frequent blow-down.

All water treatment programmes implemented by C&S Water Treatment Ltd are bespoke to plant and are in line with BS2486. This standard lists the requirement for keeping the boiler scale and corrosion free, whilst ensuring the production of pure steam.

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