Water Hygiene / Legionella Control
Monitoring & Maintenance

We offer bespoke water system monitoring and maintenance services designed for our clients domestic hot and cold-water systems. All monitoring and maintenance tasks carried out are in line with HSG 274: Part 2.

Regulations require employers to monitor and maintain domestic hot and cold-water systems to reduce the risk from legionella bacteria. The employer should keep suitable records of the tasks carried out and they should be reviewed at least annually.

Hot and cold-water systems include cold-water tanks, calorifiers, water heaters, showers, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, expansion vessels etc. These need to be regularly inspected for temperature, cleanliness/operation and the water should be kept moving through the water system, so it does not stagnate.

Following a Legionella Risk Assessment and the production of a Written Scheme, this should detail the required control scheme that should be implemented and followed to maintain a safe water system. C&S Water Treatment Ltd will follow these documents to ensure a bespoke control regime is implemented. All our team are trained to City and Guilds standard and are regularly checked for competency.

The monitoring tasks that may be included in your control scheme are as follows:

  • Weekly flushing of infrequently used outlets
  • Temperature monitoring of the hot and cold-water services
  • Quarterly clean, descale and disinfection of showerheads and hoses
  • Quarterly clean, descale and disinfection of spray taps
  • Monthly to six-monthly flushing of expansion vessels
  • Annual cold water tank temperature monitoring
  • Annual cold water tank inspections
  • Annual combination water heater inspections
  • Annual inspection and flushing of calorifiers
  • Annual inspection and cleaning of Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • Clean and Disinfection of cold-water tanks
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