Microbiological Sampling

C&S Water Treatment Ltd provide a wide range of different water sampling, using an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

Cooling Towers:
Following ACOP – L8 guidelines, microbiological activity in evaporative cooling systems should be tested on a weekly basis. This is most commonly carried out by using dip slides. If the control regime in place is effective, the dip slide counts should be consistently low.

In addition, each cooling system should be checked quarterly for the presence of legionella bacteria to ensure effective control is being achieved.

We provide this service as part of our cooling water treatment package.

Spa Pools
A spa pool is a self-contained body of warm, agitated water designed for sitting or lying in and not for swimming or total body immersion. Spa pools contain water heated usually between 30-40°C which is filtered and chemically disinfected. Spa pools have a much higher ratio of bathers to water volume than in swimming pools, so their water has a higher concentration of organic material from the bathers. These are perfect conditions for the growth of infectious agents such as legionella. The HSG 282 guidance states that as minimum each spa pool should be sampled for TACC’s, coliforms, E coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa monthly and legionella quarterly.

Potable water systems
BS8558 states that microbiological analysis of water samples should be carried out at intervals not exceeding six months wherever drinking water is stored. C&S Water Treatment Ltd will include this as part of the annual inspection and annual clean and disinfection. These tests may include TACC’s, coliforms, E coli and Legionella.

Domestic hot and cold-water system sampling
Legionella sampling on domestic water systems should be carried out:

  • In systems where control levels of the treatment regime (i.e., temperature) are not consistently achieved
  • When an outbreak is suspected or has been identified
  • In the healthcare sector with high-risk patients
  • Based on the conclusions reached in the risk assessment

All legionella sampling is carried out in line with BS7592.

C&S Water Treatment Ltd will take samples, interpret results, give opinion, and provide recommendations for remedial action if necessary.

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