We work with many healthcare properties across the UK, providing compliance services across a range of hospitals, surgeries, dental practices, and care homes. We acknowledge the vulnerability of the individuals within these buildings and therefore carry an increased risk from Legionnaire’s disease. Our team are adequately trained to deal with vulnerable individuals and are made aware of the additional risks.
Social Housing
C&S have vast experience working within the social housing sector and have established techniques to work politely, efficiently, and effectively with all members of the public including vulnerable individuals and the elderly.
Government Local Authority
C&S Water Treatment LTD have been providing legionella management services to Local Authorities for over 20 years. The experience of our team enables us to work efficiently on large projects with multiple buildings which include, schools, leisure centres, depots, community centres etc.
Facility Management
We provide legionella management and water treatment services to a number of Facilities Management companies that work nationally. Often dealing with a variety of building types and sizes, C&S Water Treatment tailor the services they offer to suit.
Leisure & Hospitality
We assist our leisure and hospitality customers in ensuring their properties are managed safely protecting their guests from the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and other water borne pathogens.
Food Industry
C&S work with some of the well-known food manufacturing sites within the UK, providing expert advice ensuring the clients water treatment needs are met. The team are familiar with the specific hygiene practices within the industry making sure all work is carried out with this in mind.
Manufacturing & Engineering
C&S Water Treatment LTD have over 20 years’ experience managing water treatment systems for large scale production facilities.
We provide legionella management and water treatment services to many schools across the UK. These include primary schools, secondary schools, academies, colleges, and universities. We also provide legionella management services to a portfolio of student accommodation across the UK. Our team are trained to safeguard the residents during visits.