Legionella Risk Assessment

A legionella risk assessment is the first stage in establishing the risk from legionella bacteria in your water system. If you are responsible for a building, then you will need to have an assessment in place which documents the level of risk within the system from legionella.

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In order to comply with the Health and Safety at Work, Management of Health and Safety at Work and COSHH regulations, employers are required to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks from any work liable to expose employees to a substance hazardous to health. Employers are also required to assess the risks to other people not in their employment who may be affected by the work activity. Because of this a suitable and sufficient assessment must be carried out to identify and assess the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems on premises and recommend any precautionary measures that are required as stated in the Approved Code of Practice – L8 (ACOP L8).

Our experts have been assisting clients across the UK assess the risks from legionella bacteria to their work force, customers and buildings for over 20 years. We employ a team of experienced and City and Guilds accredited Risk Assessors, and our risk assessments are carried out in line with BS 8580.

The risk assessment process includes a full site survey to review and assess all water systems within the property. The assessment will identify the risk level and will set out any control measures required to reduce the risk from legionella bacteria